Mars Corp Podcast Cover

Mars Corp: An Out of this World Response

I listened to the first episode of a podcast called Mars Corp. It’s quite interesting how it draws you into the action with the beginning starting off with some fancy sound effects that create an ambience that sets you at the centre of the scene. The story is based on a new recruit starting a job on Mars that is working for a company terraforming the planet so that it can be inhabited by humans. Throughout the entire first episode, there is a graphic representation of each of the characters that is entertaining to listen to and gets your imagination going.

I rate the show rather highly as I found it pleasant to listen to and engaging in a way that would make you want to take the time to listen to more episodes. It would be helpful to plug into whilst travelling as you can easily switch off as you listen to it and the next thing you know thirty minutes have passed. Looking at the length of the episode I felt that it was long enough to hold your attention and not too long that it becomes cumbersome.

There are some elements to the story that I found most intriguing as it focuses on the office environment on a foreign planet. There is a scene in the episode that draws your attention in when it’s mentioned that suicide is illegal because it would be damaging company property. The scene makes it interesting as you would expect there would be an element of hope that would come with colonising a new planet, however it looks like the workers are more enslaved rather than liberated in their new roles.

Focusing on the artwork for the thumbnail it sets the scene with an astronaut with a tie and coffee mug in his hand that makes you wonder what life will be like for you if you ever find yourself accepting a new job on a foreign planet.

After listening to it, I have developed a sense of normality with the idea of working in space and it has put into perspective the vision that no matter how far-flung mankind ends up exploring they will always maintain their human traits. With the tag line ‘definitely human’ there is comfort in listening to something so far out of this world that remains so close to home where you find yourself enthralled by the journey of the main character E.L. Hobbs as she starts her new job.

When I stumbled across the podcast, I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular and I found this a pleasant treat from the mostly generic interview-based podcasts out there and it’s also free so you can enjoy it at zero cost. Try listening to it on your way to work then maybe your commute won’t seem so long after all.

Written by: Tom Dalling, David Knight, and David Price

Produced by: Definitely Human