Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury: How Nintendo Marked Mario’s 35th Anniversary

The world of Super Mario is a long-time source of happiness and adventure for many gamers, including myself, with its beautiful lands, creative levels, and the simple yet entertaining adventure within each of the games that bring out the wonder kid in you. Super Mario 3D World carries that joy from its predecessors, taking you to a world of magic and amazement that you never knew you wanted. It has the classic items and characters that Nintendo knows that its supporters love, and other new wondrous creations that make the gameplay an even greater experience than before!

Screenshot: Hinh Nguyen

Its companion and expansion Bowser’s Fury also retain the franchise’s wonder whilst providing different playing experience, switching from the game’s moving from level-to-level playing process, to a single, vast, explorative and interactive world that consists of different islands and platforms, each complete with unique challenges and puzzles. A top-quality adventure that you can enjoy on your own or in the comfort of company with others; whether you’re playing together to help get past a level that you can’t do on your own or just trying to see who can get all the coins first.

Screenshot: Hinh Nguyen

Super Mario 3D World’s premise follows a similar story to the classic one we all know, with slight variations in which character plays what role. The villainous Bowser strikes again, capturing a number of fairies from the stars and holding them captive in his castles scattered all over the mushroom kingdom. Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach must do everything to overcome every obstacle and take down each Big Boss as they work their way towards the final level to take down Bowser himself.

Bowser’s Fury acts as another adventure rather than another game, with its journey being effectively shorter than 3D World. Despite this, the game still retains the sense of adventure and fun from 3D World whilst providing a new gaming experience. The main story is that Bowser has become corrupted and possessed by an even greater evil, and the player has to team up with Bowser Junior to collect Cat Shrine medals to awaken Cat Shrines, which, in turn, gives the power to fight the kaiju sized Bowser as a giant, kaiju sized…cat. As bizarre as that sounds, this is one of those things that you never knew you wanted – transforming into a giant titan to fight a fire-breathing monster of death was what had me on the edge playing Bowser’s Fury.

Screenshot: Hinh Nguyen

The Nintendo switch has demonstrated itself as one of the most successful consoles, not just by Nintendo’s standards, but in all of gaming. The company’s experience in creatively and innovatively developing new games has always been one of their best-selling points in competing with the other companies’ consoles, and with the Switch’s HD quality graphics and top tier animation, Nintendo has risen to a whole new level of awesome in their wonderful creations.

Overall, whatever it is you love about gaming, this game is something you’re going want to chill out and relax to, as it plays to the basic and fundamental concept found in all gaming: to just have fun. With the game’s release, Mario’s 35th anniversary is marked with beautiful style.

Developer: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Switch