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Wonderous World of WEBTOON: Why Webtoons Should Be on Your Next Reading List

Combine the web with cartoons and there you have it: Webtoons. If you’re a fan of comics, mangas or stories in general, Webtoon has something for everyone. Originating from South Korea, manhwa or webtoons surged due to their easy accessibility; our smartphones. Now, Line Webtoon or Webtoon is a webtoon publishing platform, home to thousands of stories from creators/artist around the globe.

Accessed through their global website or via their app, the platform partners with creators to publish original content or host other series on its self-publishing site called Canvas. The webtoon comics function as a serialised novel with one or two episodes released per week. Users are notified via their email or notification, if they’ve subscribed to their favourites, so they’ll always be updated.

Compared to manga and online comics, webtoons differ slightly in its execution. Since webtoons are rarely published in a physical format, so avoiding expensive printing costs, they are likely to be in colour which makes for a more immersive reading experience. Additionally, webtoons utilise their digital format by sometimes featuring music and/or animation that play during certain chapters, allowing creativity and variety.

Now the fun part: My webtoon recommendations!

Gourmet Hound | Drama | Completed Series

Leehama creates a heart-warming and soul-filling story, fit for all ages.

Lucy Fuji, with her uncanny sense of taste and smell discovers that her favourite restaurant (Dimanche) has changed their kitchen staff. After a lucky encounter with two former chefs, she decides to track down Dimanche’s former employees, a journey that seeks to find the ‘taste’ of the unknown chef as both good and bad memories that led to their separation starts to unravel. 

A delicious read! All the characters are well fleshed out, even their names are after various kinds of food. I adored how every chapter contains a little food/dish description that connects to the chapter titles.

Sweet Home | Thriller (Disclaimer: Sensitive topics) | Completed Series

When the world gets flipped over by the invasion of monsters, would a troubled 18-year-old Hyun Cha, be able to survive till the very end?

Carnby and Youngchan, masters of ingenious suspense, create this world where an individual’s hidden desires manifest as human killing monsters while their minds enter a fake façade of a never-ending happiness. This webtoon is sure to keep you stunned and constantly on your heels with its commendable character development, persistent cliff-hanger, satisfactory plot twist and its most heartfelt ending. A must read! 

The Strongest Florist | Action | Ongoing Series

Created by Hyun Hoo Joo and Kumtata, a light read about Jaeho, who dreams nothing more than owning a flower shop. But with his overbearing father pushing him to become an MMA fighter, Jaeho enters a virtual reality game (called New World) where he might just be able to become a florist. The subversion of character expectation will undoubtably leave you marvelling, along with some occasional chuckles, truly a fun read.  

Overall, Webtoons are a pleasant gateway to a world full of possibilities. They allow their creators immense creative freedom by not just focusing on how a story is delivered but also what they would like their readers to experience while reading it. Because of their quick and short format, they’re perfect if you’d like to recharge at the end of an exhausting day. Therefore, why not give it a go?

Composite credit: Josefina Gurung