Short Stories

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” — Anaïs Nin

While the novel’s intricate plot and dynamic characters unfold over hundreds of pages, every sentence must earn its place in the short story. Inspired by the theme of seasons, these short stories pack quite a punch through their compelling and thought-provoking narratives. Keep up as the students at South Bank University take you on a journey to Mars, through the romantic streets of Venice and back to London for the midnight market. 

— Aiesha Morris | Short Story Editor

After leaving Mars we never expected to find a new planet with the fuel that we had on our ship READ MORE
It surely is our protagonist’s favourite. She waits for it the whole year – watching tutorials, sometimes on the commonly READ MORE
"Slept in again, huh?" Connor hated to leave the comfort of his bed but knew that unless he began his READ MORE
“It’s frightening cause I would call you an imbecile but that’d be cruel as you wouldn’t be able to spell READ MORE
When asked about love I tell people I have met love four times in my life. Each was very different READ MORE
Upon approaching Clapham Junction Station, Leah remembered just how narrow the ticket barriers were and flung her backpack off her READ MORE
At the question, Kate closed her eyes and breathed, she could smell his aftershave and the flowers she held to READ MORE
It would be a day like any other, but also, not at all. Adam Warren glanced down at his watch READ MORE
My mum waves goodbye at me. The Juicy sign printed on the bottom of my trousers surely did me a READ MORE