Battling through internet connection, we, an army of writers, journeyed to the end of our degrees. We fought through a pandemic, navigated our way through isolation and documented our personal travels in the process. Where have our journeys taken us and where will they take you? Read our legacy to find out. — Holly Birkett & Safeerah Mughal, The South Bank Review editors.

Train from Krakow

I did not know you could get a train from Krakow to Prague, but there we were. My sister and I were travelling together in a last attempt at being free and spontaneous after we had graduated university.


Sometimes I think about the time Uncle Zuber showed up at my front door, me not knowing who he was, my father ushering him inside quickly, just as surprised as me...

Losing You

The process of losing you wasn’t physical because you didn’t pass away, but rather you passed me by … You passed through the most significant years of my life and you passed over me as though I never really existed.

The Fiery Haired Time Traveller

She wore a bowler hat. It was plain and unassuming, along with her three-piece suit and an overcoat. Her masculine disguise wasn’t questioned, her sharp jaw helped with that. She strolled down...


I sat anxiously in my seat telling myself that I had made the right decision, that this journey I was taking was for the best. I still had difficulty comprehending my long journey that involved crossing...


‘Look what I’ve got,’ called Alex, holding a pen drive in her tiny hand. She was sitting in front of her laptop, smiling. She sat on the black, plastic chair with a silly smile on her face...

The Hidden Secret of Florentine

'This is the final call for all passengers flying to the destination of Trinidad, now boarding at gate 23, the flight is on time to depart in ten minutes. The gate will be closing...

A Voyage to Venice… with My Parents

The flight to Venice wasn't long thankfully because the scent of the budget plane maintained by EasyJet reminded me of my grandfather’s old, worn out shoes. It was the first time my parents...

A Story of Conversion

He stood in the living room. He had never seen so much blood. Powerless, he sat back in a battered old chair. The police took their statements and walked out. He was numb. His ears ringing.

Vanilla Almond Cake

We always bonded over food, as a family it brought us closer together. For instance, my mother would bake the sweetest vanilla almond cake, made especially for me. It was packed with moist vanilla...

Short Stories

Short stories have been an exciting form in creating stimulating experiences leaving the reader wanting to know more. These short stories express various topics and styles surrounding journeys, inviting many different readers to explore and spark their own imagination — a perfect past time during Covid-19's lockdown! We encourage you to use the time given to you to play around with your own pondering thoughts, get them written down and see where they lead! Go on the adventures you’ve missed out on and have fun! Monique Hibberd & Kim Luisa Schulze

Creative Non-Fiction

The Creative Non-Fiction section captures personal stories from a wide spectrum of perspectives and includes personal essays, memoir, travel writing and biography. This year the non-fiction pieces all focus on the theme of journeys. Some of the pieces explore journeys taken by the individual back to their homeland, some journeys explore childhood memories and some journeys are undertaken by either a friend or a family member close to the writer. These stories are a product of three years of study; a culmination of all of our shared experiences and effort. All the creative non-fiction pieces are masterpieces, written to the highest standards and captivating from the beginning to the very end, taking the reader on a journey of their own. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have enjoyed writing them. Faisa Dhaga-Alen & Jordan Glynn


Reviews have been an opportunity for our team of writers to expand their views on the creative world. From film to plays to books, we’ve opened our doors with an interest for everyone, about what you might have missed, or perhaps what you’ve been wanting to hear about. Each review has a touch of its author, offering unique perspectives and opinions that offer an exciting read, and may open your eyes to things you may have never noticed. Explore the world of entertainment through our eyes! Ed Paulding & Aleksandra Rybicka