Daughters & Dragons

IMG_1004nce upon a time […]


IMG_1019he rain falls against the windows of the stationary bus, leaving them streaked with whirlpools of swirling grey. Frank […]

Classic Writer Prize Fighter, Reece Choules

They wanted me to drop in the fifth. Catch one; legs limp. Down. The referee counting from one to ten, looking at me questioningly, you getting up Kid? Abraham […]

  • Parrot Squawks, Culprit Caught Parrot Squawks, Culprit Caught

    Parrot Squawks, Culprit Caught

Parrot Squawks, Culprit Caught

Pauline was driving home, feeling drained after a long day of shopping.  She had a big load in the back of the car, and was not looking forward to her […]

Practice post

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I’m not proud of many things I’ve done in my life; I’m […]

The Men with Long Legs (an excerpt)


hey were built for it, the men with long legs. They moved through the crowd like mercury and […]

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Distant Home


ar from Home a little girl played atop a hill. Father watched her, distant sunlight dancing upon the silver of […]

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We’re Away At Sea


The wind drowns out the sound of the waves simultaneously as the waves drown out the wind. […]

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Rumpelstiltskin’s Daughter


here have been many versions of the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, this is mine. 

Rumpelstiltskin rested by the fire. Her silver […]

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