Just like a circle the truth I know has no beginning or ending.

It is something that is and will continue to be.

Just like a rainbow the truth I dictate has more then one colour.

It is not deemed red, pink or yellow.

Yet it has more then one face just like a coin.

So bring your altered and edited version of what you call ‘truth’.

Because no matter how many times we meet at this battle line, mine will remain as clear as water, not poisoned with the fear you’re trying to conceal.

Do not mistake my innovative young mind as a fugitive, I am not dangerous or on the run. I am free and pardon me if the words I speak pierce as sharp as a spear.

My only aim is to lead you to the light, do not mistake my helping hand as the gun pressed against your temple.

Repeatedly you try to use your superiority to try to break me, but a crack is not enough to eliminate me or to dim my light. Every time you try to blow out my candle, it burns brighter and bigger.

Take the time for once to close your eyes, clear your mind, and listen with your senses, let the words I speak radiate through your mind because the words I speak have the forces of nature on their team.

So do not fear when you close your eyes and your heart beats with a greater force and the blood in your veins evade your senses. All you are experiencing is a natural high that is not gained from drugs.

If you cannot find your way, do not worry, as long as your heart is pure, the truth will be your cure.

This truth has legs, it’s chasing you, so stop running it is not going to bite you.  Ask yourself who the fugitive is now.   You need to separate what you desire from what is right.

I know it is easier to disbelieve something because it restricts you, forcing you to practice self-discipline.

To live for now is short term and though the thrill of it may be ecstasy.

Just like a drug, its effects will whither away and you will be left with nothing but a dark hole.

Aspire as you may to fill it, but with every joyful event, it will grow wider and emptier.

This world is just like that a temporary, deceitful, drug, which shields you from discovering the true cure to your vanity.