500 words

The human soul is imperfectly perfect in its ignorance, as we head towards an alien destination. We pride ourselves on being at the top of the chain, the rulers of our kingdom. That in reality only stretches between the four walls we call existence.

I have wondered about the lies that we feed ourselves. The ones that tell us that we are the smart ones. We are the ones chosen to make an impact on this celestial body we’ve named Earth. And yes, we have broken the codes, found the cures to diseases that we ourselves created. We have built the machines, the trains, the planes that will get us to distant places. How very ironic. This self-acclaimed title that we’ve given ourselves. When we so often can’t see the things that are right in front of us.

It is not that we don’t hear the desperate cries of our planet. The calls for help that we so readily ignore. Because it is only the catch of the day that we are all living for. The chase for paper, a lie we have taken for truth. While we taint the blue and the green of our colourful world with our wrong decisions. Our fight for power, greed and nuclear inventions. When has ignorance stretched so far, that we cut off the hand that feeds us? When have we become too blind to see the realities in front of us? When has profit become more important than saving our trees? And when has it become a reality to dump our waste in the seas?

They say that our generation will make a change, but it is a bleak future I see in front of me. When people spend more time staring at a screen then they do talking to each other. When people are queuing for hours to buy the new PlayStation 4. But too busy to switch off the lights. I wonder if we have all forgotten that money will serve nothing in the grave. And that the thing we are destroying is what keeps us sustained.

I believe that the ego keeps us imprisoned and comes disguised as a friend. And it is only when we learn the difference that we can make a change. And that’s when we’ll know that we are here for more than the 9 to 5 and to stare at our own muscles. And that existence comes with a responsibility that we all share.

The soul hungers for words of wisdom. Similar to those I am writing now. Because it gets a glimpse of hope, buried deep inside.

And there is something that awakens. Even for a second. But then dies again as we get on with our day.