Stalker Blues

Feelings of insecurity and rejection is enough to make a sane man crazy
Memories percolating the brain on a daily
The only one checked into heartbreak hotel
This is how the bitch made me….

Walking through the streets in a haze
Cracked like a fiend on drugs for days
She said sometimes love isn’t enough
And this that I’m feeling is just a phase

Flames consume me in hell’s kitchen
Without her all I keep doing is bitchin’
Getting high each day not knowing where I’m trying to reach
But the pains got me twitching

Why me?

She won’t even consider my plea
I once was blind
But now I definitely see

You and I!!!

Flying high…

In the sky…

We were born to die!

My sweet angel I’ll make her see
Where she belongs is with me
I’m not crazy baby

A Leo’s Love

The love is fire like a flame
Burning hot and bright
Nothing will ever be the same
Whether it’s day or night

We find special places others have never been
And when it rains you enjoy the wet
Cos it’s me… And you…

Flashbacks on the brain
Again and again…
It’s insane!

It’s you! So what can I do?

Except close my eyes and enjoy the ride
No matter what, it feels right
And though, I try with all my might…

Again and again…
It’s insane!
Flashbacks on the brain

So I close my eyes and enjoy the ride
I can’t think about the rain
Or how you say my name
Again and again

It’s me… Me.

I’m allowing these thoughts to affect my disposition
Around him I have lowered inhibitions
Spun around in different positions
‘til I end up in the kitchen…

Fucking confused, knee’s weak, stumbling
And my belly’s grumbling
So is his, but there’s no time to be apart
Time is of the essence so we go back to the start…

Damn you! And what you do!

I’ll just close my eyes and enjoy the ride…

Back and forth, round and round
My body reacts to every sound..
The want becomes a need
Cos my satisfaction he succeeds
I would try to leave him alone
But the butterflies erupt when I think of his moans and groan

It’s fucking insane
How these flashbacks are on my brain
Again and again

It’s crazy how I get lost in the 5 mins of my day
I take, to be for a while, a Darling bud of May
It’s that ray of sunshine
Like the ruler of our sign
The worst yet undeniably the best
A juxtaposition in a Leo’s Love